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  • 6mm-284 1000 yard Benchrest Rifle.
  • 50 BMG Light Class Benchrest Rifle.
  • .243 Ackley Improved 1000 yard Benchrest Rifle.
  • .50 BMG Tactical Rifle.
  • Action Gun Works Rear Rifle Rest.

Welcome to Action Gun Works

Makers of accurate long range benchrest rifles and accessory's. We build custom rifles in all calibers, but our specialty is custom 50 BMG rifles for benchrest, tactical, and hunting applications. We also specialize in custom 600 yard benchrest rifles, and custom 1000 yard benchrest rifles. We are the undisputed leader in the custom 50 BMG rifle market, and have been making custom 50 BMG rifles for as long or longer than anyone else. It is rare not to see stats from an FCSA 50 BMG match that one of our rifles is not in the top five finishers. In 600 and 1000 yard benchrest we are proud of the amount of match winning rifles we have produced and have been excited at the many records set using rifles we have built. We hope we can be your first choice for your custom long range rifle needs. Thanks for checking out our site.


(1-6-2015) The new shop is finally coming along nicely. After a few delays due to permitting and weather it is now under roof. Now we need to finish the framing for the doors and walls, install the metal on the exterior walls, wire it for lights and power, and it will be finished. Weather permitting, I should have the building done in another few weeks. Once the wall steel is up weather will no longer be as much of a factor as it has been so far, so it should move pretty quickly. Then we will spend about a month or so getting all of the customer jobs done that we have at the shop now, after which we will move the shop to the new building. Here is a picture as of today, it may not look it, but it is actually about 80% complete at this point.

Shop RoofedNew shop as of 1-6-2015

(9-16-2014) For over 30 years my shop has been located in a leased commercial building in Sparks Nevada. For some time now I have been planning to make the move to a building I actually own, so later this year I will be building my new shop on our property in Reno, Nevada. We do not anticipate completing the move and changing addresses until late November or December, but as this current address will no longer be a good shipping address at that time, it is best to call us to make sure before shipping your parts to us from now until we are finished moving and the new address is posted on our Contact Us page.

Rear Rests

Also in the news around here, as many of you know, it has been some time since we made a new batch of rear rests. This was due to two reasons, first, we were simply to busy with other work to do it. Also, the price of the materials used has skyrocketed in the last few years. If we had to order new materials to make rests at this time the price would have to be more than doubled to make up for the materials costs. Luckily, we were recently able to secure some of the materials for making a batch of rests at a deep discount. So while the price will have to be increased a bit, it will not have to be anywhere near double the old price.

With that in mind, we will be starting a new batch of rests soon which will be available later this year. So, if you would like to have one of these rests, call us or send us your contact information at our Contact Us page to get put on the list. Note that even if you requested to be put on our waiting list before, please send us a new request now to avoid missing out on this batch.

(Update 1-6-2015) As some of you have noticed, I did not get the rests completed as soon as I had estimated. The current plan is to finish the rests after the move to the new shop is complete. As for when they will be available, a lot of things have to fall into place without any hitches, which is not very likely, so I hesitate to give an estimate of a completion date at this time. That said, they will be ready to ship no sooner than late spring 2015. Sorry for the delay, but at this point moving into the new shop is a priority for us, and will ultimately allow us to keep our costs down in the future, which will be good for our customers in the long run.