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Can I send you my gun by UPS to have you work on it?

Yes, you can take your gun to UPS and ship it directly to us for us to work on it. Except for a few exceptions It is illegal for non Federally licensed dealers to ship guns, but one exception to this law is if sending a gun to a licensed dealer to be worked on or repaired. After the work is completed we will ship it back to you on UPS or Federal express.

Can you remove the barrel, true the action, then reinstall the barrel?

Maybe. When we true an action, one of the most important operations we perform, is to re-cut the threads in your action in line, and centered to the bore of the action. When we do this, the threads on your action are now larger than the threads on your barrel. To reinstall the same barrel we cut the old threaded shank off, then rethread it and rechamber the barrel (this is commonly referred to as setting the barrel back). If the barrel is reasonably new and of suitable diameter after cutting and rethreading, we can do this. If the barrel is not reasonably new or of suitable diameter after the threaded shank is cut off, then it will require a new barrel.

Do you lap the lug's in my action?

No, when we build your gun, or true your action, and fit and chamber your barrel, their is no need to lap the lugs. Because we machine the lugs on the bolt and the lug abutments to such close tolerances that they are now in full contact and perfect alignment. It is not unusual for a customer to have a factory rifle that the lugs are not making full contact. If this is the case with your gun then we still do not recommend lapping the lugs. Some of the problems with lapping the lugs include; increasing headspace, charging the lugs with lapping compound which continues to accelerate wear even after you achieve full contact, changing firing mechanism geometry (example would be, Winchester mod. 70 after lugs are lapped sometimes the safety no longer works). Since their are many more legitimate arguments for not lapping lugs than their are to endorse it, we generally do not do it.

Can I provide my own parts and have you build me a gun?

Yes, in fact we prefer that you do, and you will save a little money if you do the phone calls and leg work. The reality is that their is very little markup in gun parts. As we are a legitimate business, as opposed to a hobbyist, we need to make at least a small profit if we order parts. Therefore, in most cases, if you order the parts yourself you will save yourself a significant amount of money on the cost of the gun. We will not leave you hanging in regards to what you need to order and where to get it. Just give us a call, we will discuss what you want to build, let you know exactly what to order, and give you the contact information you need to get your parts ordered.

What if you don't have the reamer for the cartridge I want?

Normally we will generate a chamber print and order the reamer that you want. If it is a reamer that we think we can use again their will be no charge. If we don't think we will need the reamer then you will be charged for it. When you pay for the reamer, after we complete your gun we will send the reamer to you with the gun. Some match shooters actually prefer to have their own reamer so that any time they rebarrel the gun they can be assured the chamber is the same.

I noticed that you make your own stocks and muzzle brakes, will you build me a gun using another manufacturers parts?

Yes, we realize that our parts are designed to serve a very specific purpose, and that may not be what you have in mind. We use most manufacturers parts, in fact, most of the guns we build use parts made by others.

Can I have you do part of the work on my gun and then do the rest myself?

Yes, in fact it is not uncommon for our customers to have us just do specific parts of the work and then complete the gun themselves.

What methods of payment do you accept?

The quickest is Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card. We also accept money orders and personal or company checks but it can delay shipment until the check clears. When you use your credit card at Action Gun Works the charge will appear on your bill or statement as a charge from "RPD Ventures". Make all checks payable to "Action Gun Works".

Are the products you list in stock and how soon will you ship once I place an order?

Our products are normally in stock ready to ship. If the item you want is temporarily out of stock we can give you an estimate of when we will have it in and you can back order it if you wish. All in stock items are shipped within 24 hours.

Do I need to pay a deposit before ordering work to be done?

We do not require or even encourage our customers to pay a deposit when sending their parts to be worked on. That said, all custom gun work that we do is prepaid. What that means, and how it works is as follows;

          You send us the parts needed to build your gun. Most customers actually have the majority of the parts drop shipped to us from the manufacturer. Because of that, it often takes many weeks or months for all of your parts to arrive at our facility.

          Once all of your parts arrive your gun build will be put on the schedule. As we do the guns in batches, it may take 1 - 6 weeks before we actually start your gun from the time the parts arrive.

          Once we actually start your gun we will generate an invoice and call you for payment. This way we can be sure that payment will clear in time for us to ship the gun as soon as it is completed.

How long will it take you to build my gun?

It usually takes six to twelve weeks from the time we have all of your parts in stock. We actually put the gun on my schedule after all parts are in. In rare cases we will get further than 12 weeks behind. That is very rare (it has actually only happened twice in 25 years) and when it happens we can usually give you a rough estimate of how long we expect it to take before we actually start working on your gun.

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